Day: February 9, 2012

Meet the Guy Who Painted Facebook’s Walls and Made $200 Million

David Choe is a real artist, he started off a graph artist become famous in his own right as an artist, made his first million gambling in Las Vegas, went to Japanese prison for 3 months and in 2005 was asked by then Facbeook president Sean Parker (the kid who started Napster) to paint the […]

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Jay-Z & Kanye West Drop “Niggas in Staples Center” Video

Anyone whose seen The Throne know they end their set off with the triumphant “Niggas in Paris”, which they perform about 100 times straight. For the people that haven’t witnessed the almighty, The Throne drop some visuals using stock footage from their show at the Staples Center and some kaleidoscope effects which detail that very […]

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