Day: January 31, 2009

Ciara feat. Young Jeezy “Never Ever”

[youtube:] Ciara calls on Young Jeezy for her new video “Never Ever”. Watch.

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50 Cent Threatens to F*ck Up Rick Ross’ Life

Oh snap this is getting entertaining! 50 Cent responds to the interview Rick Ross did with Angela Yee where he said a whole lot of nonsense. According to Fifty’s latest address, he says he paid for the transcripts for Rick Ross’ court case just to get his home address. He also apparently has some dirt […]

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Tavis Smiley Interviews M.I.A.

Can’t say I would have expected Tavis Smiley to interview M.I.A. But shout out to all the Sri Lankan Tamils looking to get some peace. To all yall wondering what the hell a Sri Lankan or a Tamil is, get your wikipedia on right over here >> Sri Lankan Civil War.

Part deux inside. (more…)

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