Day: December 18, 2008

DMX Ringtones

Get the latest DMX ringtones by going right over here. Download DMX ringtones now! Available DMX Ringtones Blackout (Feat. Jay-Z and The Lox) Blood On My Hand Bring Your Whole Crew Bust Money In The Head Damien Damien III Friend Of Mine (Bonus) Get At Me Dog (Feat. Sheek Of The Lox) Get Wild (Feat. […]

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Joe Budden x Padded Room x Official Details

Since details regarding Joe Budden’s Padded Room released a few months back a new official tracklist and release date for the “new” album has emerged. And yes, “Touch and Go” is gone and yes new songs have been added. Peep the updated tracklisting to Joe Budden’s Padded Room. I’m for one am looking forward to […]

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Angel Lola Luv Please Stop

[youtube:] Angel Lola whips K’s? Wow. This is like the female equivalent to Plies.

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Ludacris Smells Up Chelsea Lately

[youtube:] Ludacris, whose album Theatre of the Mind isn’t even that bad, hit up Chelsea Lately to discuss his new album, movies and “what girls like”.

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Christina Milian x T.I. on Rap Up Magazine

T.I . and Christina Milian grace the duel covers of Rap Up mag’s winter 08/09 issue. Apparently, Christina Milian is going to make a comeback in 2009 – YoRapper tends to agree.

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N.E.R.D. “Sooner or Later”

A happy depressing joint from N.E.R.D. called “Sooner or Later”.

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Am I The Only One That Thinks Plies is Hilarious…

Plies ringtone

You know with all the gayness going in hip hop it’s hard to keep track of what rappers are doing these days. But did you guys know that Plies is about to drop his third album and just four months after drop his forth album? Just to refresh, this guy came out in 2007.

Anyway the point of this post is to prove this guy is the funniest rapper of all time. How can you watch any of these videos with a straight face. Just watch the first minute of each video and die. Is this really happening Atlantic? (more…)

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Jamie Foxx on Good Morning America


Jamie Foxx hits up Good Morning America to get some mainstream love. Performance inside. (more…)

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