Day: December 17, 2008

DJ Khaled Ringtones

Download Dj Khaled ringtones for all cell phones and mobile providers. Get all ringtones from Dj Khaled by going right over here. Available Dj Khaled Ringtones Before The Solution (Feat. Beanie Sigel) Bitch I’m From Dade County (Feat. Trick Daddy) Blood Money Born And Raised Brown Paper Bag (Feat. Young Jeezy) Bullet Candy Pain (feat. […]

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Young Jeezy “Who Dat”

[youtube:] Peep the third single of Young Jeezy’s The Recession called “Who Dat”. Prepare to be repeatedly told it’s produced by Shawty Red.

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Grafh “Burn ‘Em Down”

Grafh drops another low-budget for his new joint “Burn “Em Down”. I’m interested in what yall think of this dude now a days? [poll id=”34″]

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2008 Year End Review

Lil Wayne ringtones

2008 will go down as the gayest year in hip hop ever. Point blank. case closed. In one year, every single thing hip hop was against became everything hip hop was for. Now I ain’t no hater ass dude, okay I am, but 2008 sucked for a variety of reasons let’s break them down. (more…)

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