Day: October 17, 2008

Tavis Smiley Interviews T.I.

[youtube:] PBS’s Tavis Smiley sat down with T.I. to discuss the success of his recent album Paper Trail and how he made through all the b.s. this year (i.e. friends dying, federal charges, snitches, etc).

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Review: Coosh Headphones


The good folks over at Coosh sent me a pair of cool headphones to test and asked me to give my two cents. Since I am a bit of an audiophile as I have been mixing songs and making beats for over 10 years I figured I have some expertise in testing headphones. I’m breaking this review down into three parts: Sound quality, Comfort and Durability. There’s also some bonus videos from The Massive Monkees inside. (more…)

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Jay-Z Explains Voter ID Requirements

[youtube:] Jiggamen explains what you need to vote on a election date.

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Bobby Valentino Ringtones

Get all the latest ringtones from Bobby Valentino. Download Bobby Valentino ringtones right over here. Available Bobby Valentino Ringtones Anonymous (Feat. Timbaland) Can’t Wait ‘Til Later Checkin’ For Me Come Touch Me Gangsta Love Give Me A Chance Home Is Where You Belong How ‘Bout It I Was Wrong I’ll Forgive You If I Had […]

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The Game: Life After The Math (Trailer)

[youtube:] The Game’s new dvd entiteld Life After The Math will hit stores October 21. Peep the trailer now.

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