Day: March 31, 2008

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The Official Jay-Z & Mary J Blige Heart of the City Footage

The biggest tour of the year has officially kicked off and video phone clips are starting to pop up all over the place. Check out some recent clips from the Jay-Z & Mary J Blige Heart of the City concert tour. Read more

Alicia Keys Concert in Euroupe

Alicia Keys tickets

Check out these snaps of Alicia Keys on her Euroupean tour. Peep more pics inside. Read more

How to get Free Crackdonalds

[youtube:] For all my Macdonalds fiends here’s how you get that crack.

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Gucci Mane -3rd QTR

[youtube:] There some bad sKrippers in this one.

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Tim Westwood Interviews Soulja Boy


Soulja Boy invades the UK appearing on Westwood Radio. Tim asks him important questions like “what does superman that hoe mean?” Soulja Boy also says 50 Cent is his favorite old school rapper. Part 2 below.
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Gillie Responds to Beanie Sigel’s Claims of King of Philly

[youtube:] If anybody from Philly want to clarify who the hell really is the top dog in Philly please enlighten us? I personally am rolling with Will Smith on this one. But on some street shit, it’s got to be Gillie. Beanie Sigel seems like he doesn’t care for rap anymore.

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Kanye West Adds New Dates to Concert Tour

kanye west tickets

Kanye West added 13 more cities to the Glow in the Dark Tour, which starts on April 16 in Seattle. He had added 2 more concerts in Los Angeles, as well as stops in Miami, Cincinnati, Winnipeg, Vancouver, Fargo, ND, Portland, Reno, San Jose, Glendale, West Valley City, UT; and Moline, IL.
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