Day: February 24, 2008

The New XXL Mag Does It Suck?

Snoop Dogg XXL Magazine

Since I have pretty much nothing to do this Sunday what with my girl out of town and all, I headed to the local bookstore to check out the new XXL mag as I was curious to see the direction the new “interim” editor (read: until we find a literate nigga) Vanessa Statten was going to take the mag. Now when YN got canned, all us blogger/online mags were all jumping for joy pretty much for no reason, other than the fact we all hated that dude’s arrogance. But when we found out the new editor would be this fat white chick and some how someone got hold of her myspace, so we could get a good look of her, well we all pretty much died. Read more

Will Smith -Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It

[flashvideo file= /] Just because. Keep in mind this album, Big Willie Style came out in ’97 and went on to go 9 times platinum. With hits like “Gettin’ Jiggy wit It”, “Miami”, “Just the Two of Us”, “Men in Black”, and “Just Cruisin’” Little Willie from Philly changed the game.

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Sean Kingston -Take You There Ringtone

Love it or hate it. This song is killing the clubs right now. Download the ringtone now, $1.99 a month for unlimited ringtone downloads.

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Flo-Rida ft. Lil Wayne – American Gangsta

[audio:flo-rida ft. lil wayne- american superstar promo_aftermathrn.mp3] Flo-Rida and Weezy get busy on this track off Flo-Rida’s debt “Mail on Sunday”.

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New Nas -What It Is

Aside from being a HUGE infomercial for Reason, (and even though I’m a huge supporter of FL Studio) listen to the track DJ Khalil produced for Nas of his new album “Nigger” called “What It Is”. Knowing how dumb record companies are, this track will probably not even make the final cut, but take it […]

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