Day: February 22, 2008

Stuff White People Like

I have no clue how I found this site, oh wait I was google’ing white oppression and came across, and as the name suggest is a blog type site about things white folk like. More specifically it chronicles the behavior of white people in their natural setting in a way that helps to educate […]

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Exclusive: New Dates Added for Jay-Z and Mary J Blige Concert

New dates for the Jay-Z and Mary J Blige concert have been added for the “Heart of the City” tour. The new dates include stops in Las Vegas, Oakland and Chicago. Many places are sold out already but YoRapper got your back. Get your tickets to the Jay-Z and Mary J Blige concert (click on […]

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Barack Obama Opening Remarks Texas Debate

[youtube:] I hate the way Hilary looks at Barack, it freaks me out. Here’s a report from MSNBC that puts the primaries into perspective. [youtube:]

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