Day: December 19, 2007

Saigon “Im Back”

Since declaring to the world his retirement a month ago, Saigon via his myspace blog, is announcing his triumphant return (WHAT A SURPRISE!!! *sarcasm*). Obviously, he’s going to come back, this foo has obligations under his contract and besides what the hell is he going to do if he don’t rap? Become a preacher? (Well…). […]

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Eminem’s Little Brother Grows Up To Become Rapper

Eminem fans waiting for the King Marshall album won’t have to wait too long to hear an Eminem-like rapper as the rap stars younger brother Nathan Marshall, now 21, has just started his own myspace page showcasing his music. Nate’s flow is undoubtedly influenced by big brother which can be heard on his first track […]

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How Sick Was Stack Bundles.

His last known video appearance in this “Made for Smack” video.

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