2 New Drake Songs Leak: “Lord Knows” “Crew Love”

With Drake’s sophomore album Take Care a week away, Drizzy has been on a leak spree, tonight he unleashes another two records one called “Lord Knows” featuring Rick Ross and another called “Crew Love” featuring The Weeknd.

“Lord Knows” is an interesting production choice from Drake as it features a Just Blaze beat Jay-Z would rap over during the Blueprint era. Even Drake’s subject matter is very Hov-esque, and not the typical Drake we’ve heard since So Far Gone, more the Drake from his earlier mixtape Comeback Season.

Listen: Drake “Lord Knows”

“Crew Love” begins with a chaotic almost machine like stabs as The Weeknd’s trademark vocals reflect on chasing women with his crew. If Entourage we’re still on this would be the soundtrack in a cutaway scene after each of the boy’s get some action. Drake who doesn’t show up until the 4 minute mark, taking a que from Kanye’s “no song formula” approach drops a decent verse about bromance.

Listen: Drake “Crew Love”

Update: Drake’s Take Care has leaked in it entirety.

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