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July 31, 2008

Nelly Brass Knuckles Album Cover

Nelly Brass Knuckles Cover

Props to Nelly for getting diesel but is this what it’s come to? Do you really need crazy muscles to sell albums? I know it’s a crazy idea, but how about some hits?

For the ladies, here’s some more Nelly for your viewing pleasure.

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  • Anonymous

    yo plz i bet u aint as built as him dats y u haten on him n hell na nelly dont need to show off his SEXY ASS BODY TO SELL HIS ALBUM ITS JUST A BIG BOUNS FOR US HA YESSS! ;) HE GOTS HELLA HITS IGHT

  • http://hoifh rich

    You certainly dont need hits/good music to sell albums.. this is the 21st century remember!?

  • yolanda

    dam you look good to f*ck in the bed

  • anna

    nelly wil u marry me u so fuckin sexy im 21 nu

  • http://bling sylvia

    No he dont need 2 have all that. but if Nelly want to do it den Boo u go right ahead n do it.Nelly i have been ur fan since day 1………………..keep doing wat u doing…

  • collins enebeli

    i luv your music keep it up

  • http://yahoo.com stormmyt

    i reley like yo music an i am a big fan i reley wold like to meet you! i am 12 an i like the pic! can you hook me up with som tickets? love stormmy! o i am a girl

  • http://yahoo.com stormmy t

    i reley lile yo music an u! i realey wont to come to a consert an i live the pick ! i am 12 years an a big fan ! ceep the good raping up