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May 15, 2009

Make Hip Hop Beats Online? Beat Making Software Review

Quick Review
Service: Online Beat Making Software
Pros: Great sounds, User friendly, Video tutorials, Label contacts, Easy-to-use.
Cons: Only good for urban and dance beats.

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I just came across this new beat making software site and I am totally blown away. Having used all the popular music production software for the last 12 years, I never thought it could be possible to make your own hip hop beats online. Yes you read that right, you can actually make industry quality production online. You do not download any software, it’s an online music production application. So it doesn’t matter if you use a mac or windows pc as all that is required is an internet connection.

How is this possible?

Using a sophisticated sound engine and by constantly updating the “sounds” in the library you are able to make some pretty sick sounding beats. I don’t want to hype it up too much, you’ll need to try it out for yourself. Try it out here!

Can you only make “hip hop style” beats?

No, it is not just for making hip hop beats, you can also create R&B production, dance production, and electronic production, very easily. It all depends on your creativity and skill.

Can you I export my “beat” to my hard drive?
Yes. If you need to sell or record on your beats, you can easily export them.

How easy is it to make a beat?
If you have experience with other music production software then learning this will be a snap. If you are new to beat making, it is still easy to use and will familiarize you with the sequencer interface found on many other beat making programs.

How many sounds come with it?
The most important aspect of production is getting the “right” sounds, and by that I mean getting industry quality sounds to use to make your beats. You do not want to use the same generic drums everybody is using nor do you want to use the same cheesy synths, what you need is tons of sounds. With this application, you can use tens of thousands of high quality sounds to make beats online. In addition, hundreds of new sounds are added daily. To get this many industry standard sounds would normally cost you well into the $1000s. Trust me, I have spent this much.

The Last Word
If you are looking into getting into production this is a good software to begin with as it is simple to use, sounds great “out the box” (meaning you don’t need mixing skills to make your beats sound good) and provides hundred’s of tutorials to help you develop your craft. Additionally, if you are looking for more reviews, check out What’s the Best Beat Making Software?.

  1. Big One

    Thanks for posting. This beat maker is sick! I made 10 bangers already.

  2. Make Beats

    yeah this is sick for making beats.

  3. unknown

    can i sell the music made

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